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We are continually updating this page to provide the best information as possible. If none of your questions are answered by the below Q&A, please check out the links to the left, email us by clicking here or visiting our contact page. You are always welcome to give us a call, too!


What is the Return/Exchange Policy?
All items can be returned or exchanged if sent back within 30 days of receipt, for a refund of the product minus any discounts taken. Tags must be intact and the product must be pristine. more info..

What taxes can I expect on my order?
Unless you live in Colorado there are no sales taxes on any order.

Can I have an order shipped outside the United States?
We do not ship outside the United States. However, we have many customers that have their orders shipped to an international shipping company here in the US and then that company ships the order on to you. See the next section for more details.

I do not live in the United States, but I want it to be shipped to someone who does live there. How Do I do that?

Use the information stated HERE regarding the billing information as we need the billing address for the credit card being used, and then fill in the shipping address as requested. You will still receive an email confirming your order and a tracking information email when the order ships from our warehouse.
Is it safe to enter my credit card information on the website?
Yes it is. Our website is guarded by VeriSign and the is guarded by Starfield Secure. more info...

Where do I enter my Promotional Gift Card, or coupon code?
Enter the discount code on the Checkout page, at the top of the Payment section. Click on the green "Gift Card" link, then enter your code into the Scratch Code field. Remember to click the “apply” button for the discount to take effect.

What all does the discount cover?
The discount takes off a percentage of your entire order, before shipping and taxes (if they apply).

Why wouldn’t I be able to return/exchange an item I purchased?
If an item has been washed, worn longer than the time period to try it on, is past the 30 day policy period, or has obvious misuse we will not accept the item back for a return or exchange and you will be charged for the return shipping back to you.

I am placing an order as a gift and don’t want the prices listed, how do I do that?
In the “Special Instructions” section just below the billing information, you will need to type that the order is a gift and Customer Service will send the packing slip to the address in the billing information field.

My billing address is a PO Box. Will my PO Box work for my shipping address as well?
Yes, you can use your POB for your shipping address. It will be shipped via USPS or economy shipping through UPS. However, if you want the item shipped UPS Ground or more expedient method, a physical address will be needed.

When I call to place an order, why do I have to give the customer service representative all my information if I’ve previously placed an order?
To protect your privacy, the customer service department does not have access to any previously entered billing information after an order is shipped. In order for our Customer Service Department to place an order, all the necessary information is required again.

I want to place an order but do not want to receive sales/promotional emails.
In the Feedback section on the order confirmation page after an order is placed, enter: "Please do not send any promotional emails." and you will be removed from the list. All promotional emails have an unsubscribe link at the bottom as well.

We must collect your email address to send you a confirmation email and shipping confirmation.

An item I am ordering is listed as Special Order, what exactly does that mean?
Special Order items are products which are currently available from the manufacturer, but which does not have in stock. When you order a Special Order item, places an order for that item with the manufacturer. They ship the item(s) to us, and after we receive the shipment we send the item(s) to you. This process adds a certain amount of time to your wait for delivery. The item you order will have a description that includes something like, This item usually ships in 7 - 10 business days. That means that it could be that many days before we have the item available to ship to you.

How do I return an item for a refund or exchange?
Write on the packing slip that came with the order why it is that you are returning it and ship it back. The returns process usually takes 2 – 5 business days but can take a few days longer during the holidays.

If you have misplaced or lost your packing slip, print off the confirmation email that was sent when you originally placed your order and use it in place of the packing slip.

An email will be sent when the refund is complete or another tracking information email will be sent when the exchange has been sent. more info...

I found a coupon code after I placed my order.
Unless your order has been received, you can still receive the discount offered at the time of purchase. Email us and let us know your order number and we will be more than happy to apply the discount for you.

Does price match with other websites?
Yes, we price match. The item selected on the other site has to match exactly with the item on our website- including color, model, and size, etc.

You will need to place the order on our website, first, then send us an email with a link to the web page showing the item you would like to price match. After the item and price has been verified you will receive a credit for the price difference.

Please remember that with price matches that the discount and the free shipping do not apply.

If you have ordered multiple items, the free shipping and discount apply only to the items not price matched.

What does it mean when my order was shipped “Economy”?
UPS will ship your order to their closest local hub to your shipping address, and then they hand the package to the United States Postal Service for the final delivery. This tends to take 2-3 days longer than Ground Shipping which is delivered by UPS. more info...

I received a UPS tracking number for my order, but it’s being delivered to a PO Box and UPS doesn’t deliver to PO Boxes. How will I get my order?
UPS will not be the one that actually make the delivery to your PO Box. Your order will be given to the USPS for final delivery. However, if you would like your order shipped UPS Ground or a more expedient method, a physical address will be needed.

I put in the wrong shipping address. Can I change that information once the order has been shipped?
The shipping information can be changed on all shipped orders except ones that were shipped “Economy”, to PO Boxes, or to APO/APE’s.

Please note that there is a $11.00 flat fee to change the shipping address and possible transportation fees if the zip code is different.

I received a tracking information email but the tracking number doesn’t work or tells me that it is an invalid tracking number. Why is that?
Usually, an invalid tracking number is due to problems processing your order. Please contact customer service at 1-866-797-7625.

I entered a different shipping and billing address but my order confirmation shows they are same. Will the order ship to the shipping address I entered?
If all the necessary fields are not filled in, the shipping address will revert to the billing address. When filling in the information for the shipping address, all the fields need to be completed in order for the different address to be entered into the system correctly. Please contact customer service at 1-866-797-7625 ASAP as order usually ship within 1-2 business days.

When I log into my account to check the status of my order, the shipping date says, 1/1/1900. What does that mean?
When changes have been made to the notes on your order, the shipping date field defaults to 1/1/1900.This has no effect on your order and will in no way keep your order from being processed.

I placed an order over the weekend and need to change or cancel it.
Although customer service is not available on the weekends, sending an email is the best way to make changes or cancel orders. Voice messages take longer for us to reply. Click Here to email us.

I have confirmation that the item I sent back has been received, but I don’t see a credit for it yet. What do I need to do?
Nothing needs to be done on your end at this point. The returns process usually takes 2 – 5 business days but can take longer during the holidays. An email is sent when a refund has been completed and a new tracking information email is sent in the case of an exchange.

Please note: a refund to a credit card account can take your bank 1-10 business days to process the refund and place the funds into your account.

How can I place an order to be shipped outside the United States?
When placing and international order, you will need to contact an international shipping company to create an account with them first and then place the order with us using the international shipping company’s address to ship the package to. When they receive your package from us they will ship it on to you.

You can find an international shipping company on the internet and just select the one you think will provide the kind of service you are looking for.

Only the following needs to be changed to the billing information from what you would normally enter when placing your order:

Fill in the "city" field with your city and providence and then leave the "state" field as AL for Alabama. Enter the zip code as 35203 and then enter your correct postal code in the "special instructions" area below the billing information.
"City" field – Vancouver, BC
"State" field – AL
"Zip code" field – 35203
"Special Instructions" - V6R1M1

Can I use an international credit card?
If you are going to use an international credit card to pay for your order then you must use the "Checkout with Amazon" feature on our payment page. The reason is that we currently are unable to verify international credit card billing information and that can lead to your order being canceled whether you are currently in the United States or not. This only applies to credit card billing, not shipping; as stated in the previous question/answer, we do not ship directly to any locations outside the United States.

Will I be charged to change my shipping address from a residence to a business address?
Yes – The price of the charge depends on if you’re changing zip codes for the delivery as well as changing from a residential address to a non-residential address.

I want to return my product. Does provide the return labels?
There are few instances where RMT would issue a return label. The majority of the time the customer is responsible for the return shipping fee. If a return label is given, the customer only has 10 days from issuance to use the label before it expires and is not useable anymore. If a return label is given due to incorrect information, the return shipping charge will be added to the order.

Can I get an in-store credit or gift card instead of a Refund?
Sorry, we are not currently issuing in-store credits or gift cards.

I have sent back a product for a refund. How will I receive my refund?
All refunds are credited back to the original purchasing method used.
note: If you used a gift card to place the order and you still have the Gift card, we can refund to it. If you do not, we will only be able to complete an exchange for an item of equal or greater value.

Does have retail stores that I can visit to try on merchandise?
RMT is strictly an online store. There could be other stores that carry the same products where an item can be tried on, but we don’t have any available.

I placed an order through Amazon. How would I change an item I purchased?
We cannot change products on an Amazon order. We can change the size or the color of the same product, but not the product itself.

I want to purchase something from the Outlet and RockyMountainTrail sides of the site but it won’t allow me to. Why not?
Although we are currently working on making this option available, it is not at this time. Keep checking back for when that service is available.

I keep getting an error message when I enter my credit card information but I have already double checked all the information on my card and it is correct and I know I have the available funds. Why won’t it take my credit card?
One possibility is that some websites require that the credit card number be entered with the spaces between each set of numbers. Our website requires that there not be any spaces between any of the numbers.

Another possibility is that the banks are starting to make sure that they recognize websites to prevent fraud before allowing a purchase to go through. It is highly likely that if the order just will not go through that you will need to contact your bank and let them know that you are approving the purchase for
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